APP-S high molecular ammonium polyphosphate(n>1000)
ammonium polyphosphate (n>100)
APP-Z101 Ammonium polyphosphate with high
APP-Z102 Melamine cladding ammonium
HL-FR6000M Flame Retarding Masterbatch for PP
HL-FR6000 Flame Retardant for PP
GPP Mono-guanidine hydrogen phosphate

Holyland Industrial

We are a research, production and trade company. We have our production bases and can meet the requirements of customers.

Our products include fire retardant coating , flame retardant and foaming agent. Tested by national detecting ( or trade) centre, our products meet or exceed the national standard.

We developed PTSS, TSH, Melamine phosphate, Melamine pyrophosphate, cladding ammonium polyphosphate and high polymerization ammonium polyphosphate. These products have big market demand and broad foreground. They have been well-received by customers.

We are the largest manufacturers of APP in China, and the scale of production is about 10000 tons.Phosphorus pentoxide -the raw material for the APP is made by ourselves and so we can guarantee the reliability of the product quality and stability.

More than 80% of the products are exported to Korea, America, Russia,Belgium,Italy and many other countries.

We will provide you with excellent product and afterservice.

We sincerely hope that the intention of the people at home and abroad to visit our company.